Crazy Bulk – Perfect Anabolic Steroids & Supplements

Crazy Bulk Review – Body builders are in desperate need of the body building supplements. This industry is huge and here you are going to find numerous types of body building products & anabolic steroids that claim to develop muscle mass. Some substances used in these products are safe to use and some are extremely dangerous. Thus, every body builder chooses his supplement with extreme care. But what if you get a treasure of anabolic supplements that are safe, legal and effective to use? Yes, this is possible on crazy bulk shop. This is one platform where you are going to find a huge product line of muscle building supplements and world  class legal steroids.

Crazy Bulk Introduction?

Crazy bulk is a anabolic steroids shop where body builders are going to explore hardcore legal steroids. The website is also having a bulking supplement with the similar name. These supplements are so powerful that you won’t even need workout trainings to get ripped. Since the launch of this site it is popular among the professionals and beginners because it offers the most effective supplements and a safe way to gain muscles. But before everything else it is important that you understand a bit about anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids in simple words can be explained as the synthetic versions of the testosterone. Testosterone is the natural sex hormone that is produced in the human body. These steroids can help you in gaining strength and size of muscles. In general these are used to stimulate bone growth, promote appetite, to lessen muscle wasting effects, tempt male puberty etc.  These drugs are available in the form of inject able steroids, oral pills and skin patches.

How crazy bulk anabolic steroids work?

Anabolic steroids are vastly popular among the body builders and athletes because it can improve their performances. It is used to gain the strength and muscle mass. When you take these steroids it increases the proteins production which is known as the building blocks of muscles.

When you take steroids it travels through the androgen receptors which are located in the cells. This activates the receptor of hormones and creates messenger RNA which again signals the DNA and leads to construction of proteins. Proteins travel through the entire body creating growth/anabolic responses. Anabolisms are considered as the primary action of the steroids. They can also invite many desirable as well as undesirable effects. On the crazy bulk website you are going to find anabolic steroids which are approved by FDA and are having mild side effects. These supplements are also 100% legal to use.

Complete range of crazy bulk products

This manufacture sells 12 different types of supplements which are used for cutting, bulking, energy enhancers, and testosterone boosters, HGH enhancers etc.

D-Bal (Dianabol):- this product is claimed to mimic the effects of the Dianabol which is also known as Methandrostenolone that can retain nitrogen and also boost protein synthesis in the muscle.

TBAL75 (Trenbalone):- it mimics the effects of the Trenbolone which is used for gaining huge muscles and nitrogen retention

Anvarol (Anavar) it utilize phosphocreatine to create ATP so that energy is achieved during cutting cycles

Anadrol (A-Drol):- it is used for muscle oxygenation

Winidrol: – it makes you faster, stronger and powerful

HGH-X2:- it releases human growth hormones to cut out recovery time

Decaduro: – it mimics the effects of deca durobolin that increases retention of nitrogen and also provides huge muscle growth

Gynectrol: – it can reduce fatty acids which are present in excess and also aids in getting rid of man boobs

NO2 Max: – it boosts nitric oxide so that better circulation takes place for oxygenation process

Clenbutrol: – it has Thermogenic effects so that you can burn fat faster

Testosterone max: – contains tribulus terrestris as key ingredient and increases the production of free testosterone.

What Ingredients Used in crazy bulk Products?

You are going to get huge relief after going through this section because all the products available here are approved by FDA and there are natural ingredients used in all the products.

  • Tribulus terrestris: – it is the major ingredient that increase the muscle size and is also responsible for providing strength.
  • Valine: – it is found in meats, beans and legumes. It is non polar and safe for human consumption.
  • Isoleucvine: – it repairs and heals body. Its consumption also aids in endurance while working out.
  • Dbal 1:- it increases content of nitrogen which aids in protein synthesis.
  • Decaduro:-  it is obtained from wild yam
  • Korean ginseng:- known for endurance  and increase stamina

Why People Use & Recommend crazy bulk?

There are many reasons why users of these products recommend others with the crazy bulk products. Foremost the supplements available are affordable and do not harm human body like chemical based steroids. With the use of these supplements you increase stamina, muscle mass, endurance and free testosterone which are the major requirements of a body builder and athlete.

The most common reason for its recommendation is that it is totally safe to use. Other steroids have some serious side effects. People with weak muscles can also try these products to achieve their fitness goals.


  • The products are approved by FDA
  • Popular for providing instant results without workouts
  • Provides chance to avoid painful methods to inject  steroids
  • Affordable and can easily fit any budget
  • No need of prescriptions
  • Minimal side effects


  • Can cause side effects if not used correctly
  • Only available through e-orders
  • Not for minors

What are the side effects?

Anabolic steroids also have side effects and these products also have some adverse effects. Wild yam used in its products can lead to vomiting if dose is exceeded. Yohimbe bark can also affect some of the users.  It can cause genital pain, skin flushing, dizziness and chest pain. If you are taking it correctly and under expert supervision, then these side effects can be avoided.

Benefits of crazy bulk products

  • These products are 100% legal
  • You get fast muscle building results
  • No need to bother about getting prescription from doctors
  • There are many free items available from its  official website
  • Huge amount of information available online regarding its products and usage

All Crazy Bulk Stacks & Combo Packages Details

There are stacks and combos available on its official website at a very reasonable cost.  Every third item is free if you order. Here are the details of the stacks and combos

Bulking stacks

It is available for $179.99

  • D-Bal
  • Testosterone max
  • Decaduro
  • TBal75

Cutting stack

It is available for only $184.99

  • Anavar
  • Testosterone max
  • Clenbutrol
  • Winidrol

Ultimate stack

It is available for $274.99

  • Testosterone max
  • DBal
  • TBal75
  • DecaDuro
  • A-Drol
  • Clenbutrol

Crazy Bulk Results & Review

People from all around the world have tried crazy bulk products and there are reviews and experiences available all over the web. The results of its products are amazing. Many have achieved their goals without even hitting the gym for several hours which used to be impossible without these supplements. People have also shared their pictures.

Mathew says,” I was a kind of guy who hardly stands up against the machines in the gym for few minutes. Sweating in gym was not my cup of tea. I was desperate to get a ripped body, but was not willing to spend time in gym and then I came across crazy bulk products. It was like a quest of rewards, but without any effort.  I ordered all the stacks and after getting results I don’t feeling like getting out of gym. Now body building is my passion and machines are my best friend.”

William says,” I tried everything I could, but poor results used to shatter me every time. I was getting nothing, but disappointment with the fake products and then my gym instructor told me about crazy bulk products. I cannot tell you how quickly my body transformed. Million thanks to crazy bulk.”

Steve says,” within one week of using D-bal I got beautiful and trimmed muscles. This change was out of the world experience. I have gained immense strength which is use in working out. I used to be a skinny guy before using this supplement.”

Shawn says,” I am a professional body builder and using crazy bulk stacks for a very long period. I knew these are revolutionary product and going to take over the body building supplement market effectively. This is due to the reason that people are aware of the bad effects of steroids and many people come to me and talk to me about them.  I always recommend them with safe alternatives.”

Where to buy Crazy Bulk products?

Crazy bulk products are available from its official website as well as some third party websites are also selling them. But it is recommended that you go with official crazy bulk shop.